Help with ADHD

Well, school is back in full swing. Teachers and students at White Oak Elementary School had a wonderful first week of school. As boys and girls get back in to the routine, you may begin to have concerns about your child’s ability to focus. I ran across this article from Mary Jo Wagner’s twitter post. I thought it was important enough to share. Click on the picture and sign up for the newsletter.

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Summer is Bike Riding Time!

So, does your child know how to ride a bike? I know we live in a world much different than when I was in elementary school. Parents have to be much more pro-active when it comes to protecting their children. But are we overdoing it? Click on the picture below to read a very interesting perspective, and some good tips on teaching your child to ride a bike!


April Stations

Station 1Students jump on the trampoline while counting by 3’s, 5’s and 2’s as written on the white board.
Station 1

Students stand on the balance board and tap the tennis ball 10 times while trying to maintain balance.

Station 9

Students crawl in to the pool and find the letters written on balls to spell c-a-t, d-0-g, and f-i-s-h.

Station 8

Students sit on the ball while holding the stick at both ends. They rock back and forth while rowing with the stick.

Station 6

Students sit on the spin board with their legs crossed and spin first in one direction then the other direction as fast or slow as they desire.

Station 5

Students bend forward at the waist and pick up the box with their elbows. They turn to the right and set the box down, then turn back to the center, then to the left and set the box down.

Station 4

Students push themselves forward around the cones while laying on their stomach on the scooter board.

Station 3

Students walk around the hoops in a figure 8 pattern while counting by 3's, 5's and 2's. They can refer to the white board for help in counting.

Station 2

Students step in to the colored hoops keeping their right foot in the red hoop and their left foot in the yellow hoop.Students draw a figure 8 on the board several times and then draw letters e and f.